Expungement Services from Our Experienced Lawyer in Maryland

You are worried about your good name now that you have been arrested. However, that arrest, charge, or conviction may be eligible to be expunged, which means it could be removed from the public record. If removed, that information would be stricken from court and law enforcement documents and not subject to background checks.

Expungement can be of great benefit. For instance, if a person was arrested, but not charged, or even charged, but not convicted, removing this record can help them move forward as an innocent person. Expungement can apply to convictions. Not having this show up on your records means a great deal to job seekers as it can be a source of bias.

Criminal law in Howard County governs the terms of expungement in this state. As there are procedures, rules, and exceptions to the rules, it is wise to seek counsel from our lawyer in Maryland. Whether you are eligible, how you go about the procedure, and what the law requires is a matter best handled by experienced professionals.

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