Ask Our Lawyer in Maryland if You are Eligible for Shielding of Records

Out of sight, out of mind can be a good thing for someone with a criminal record. You may have been convicted of a crime, but would like your conviction shielded from a background check. You do have legal recourse. In fact, criminal law in Carroll County does allow you to request the record of your conviction be hidden from the public view. This does not change the fact of the conviction but instead shields it.

There are numerous exceptions to shielding. For instance, the record may still be displayed for police officers and court officials to see. This is a one-time thing. You can petition for shielding only once in your life, and may ask only one county and file in only one county. And not all crimes can be shielded, such as those of domestic abuse. To find out if the shield law applies to your case, look to our experienced criminal lawyer in Maryland for advice.

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